What is Social Cloud Drive?
What is a Social Cloud Drive
A Social Cloud Drive is a Socially Enabled Cloud Storage Service.

A Social Cloud Drive is not your standard Cloud Storage Service. The focus of a social cloud drive is to create micro communities of sharing that is based off of your natural network of friends and communities.

Examples of services that would socially enable a cloud storage service:

Friend to Friend Sharing: After backing up files to your cloud drive, you can itemize which files you wish to make accessible to your friends. You are able to view and browse a list of your friends drives and files. This product will dictate and govern who can access your files based on who you define as your friends within your social media platform.

Community to User Sharing: The ability to define files that users who like a specific community/page can access that specific drive and files. This service will govern and enforce the rules of only allowing users who like a community will be able to access those files. This is the concept of community drives.