Community Drive ShadowDrive Community Drive!
Create a free community drive for your Facebook fans!
What is a Community Drive?

A ShadowDrive Community Drive is an extension of your Free ShadowDrive Account. This is a way to extend your social drive into your Facebook Community Pages. The concept is very simple, if someone likes your Facebook page then they have access to that Pages Community Files.

This feature can deliver added benefit for almost all Facebook Fan pages. Here is how it works for the end user. When you come to a community page, you will see the Community Drive tab. If you don’t like the page then you will see a friendly error message. Once you like the page you can access the Community Files. That’s all there is to it!

Setting up a Drive is just as easy!

Create your own Community Drive. Follow these 3 steps and you are ready to start sharing!

Step 1: Since this is an extension of your free ShadowDrive account, all you have to do it log into your account. Add the file you want to share to one or more of your communities.

Step 2: Link the newly added file to one or more of your communities

Step 3: Install the ShadowDrive tab if you have not done so yet. Installing the tab is easy, we provide multiple links to the Facebook tool that does this for you.

We hope you are able to leverage this product to deliver the best experience to your social user base.